Diabetes foot clinic

The foot clinic in our centre is specilaised in the diagnosis and treatment of foot problems like ulcers, infections, deformities and other foot complications. Each patient coming to centre with foot problems are thoroughly assessed clinically, diagnosed and optimum treatment provided. All Patients visiting our diabetes clinic are subjected for foot record history and foot screening for analyzing the risks of foot problems and thereby educate them for preventive care. Many foot problems are stress injuries, caused by inappropriate footwear, physical injury, unevenly distributed pressure in sole leading on to callus formation, thereby infections, later on to ulcer. Podiatrists play a major role in preventing ulcers by trimming the calluses, nail care, foor care and prescribing appropriate footwear. In some cases conservative treatments are effective than surgery.

The Diabetic foot clinic primarily focuses on prevention of minor and major amputations in the lower limb. Patients are screened annually for peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease in the foot clinic.Foot clinic is equipped with screening facilities, services of experts like foot surgeon, physicians, podiatrists, educators and nurses trained in foot care. The staff educates the patients about diabetic foot and preventive measures like regular foot care, footwear and exercises. Educators issue foot care booklet for patients with foot problems or those with risks for foot problems are  All members work together as a team and serve the patients for best results. Footwear, footwear modifications services are also provided in the clinic. In-house diagnostic facilities and access to a multidisciplinary team ensures a better care to the affected people.